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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coconut Oil

Good for pretty much everything


  1. Captain Cook...wonder if he's related Captain Hook! Bwah! I know you saw that coming but I couldn't resist. Anyway, I love the coconut oil but I don't use it a lot b/c although I've read that it's healthy, I was still concerned about the saturated fat. Thanks for the reassurance that it's OK since it doesn't build up in your veins. Woot! That sweet potato idea sounds really good! I really love using coconut oil and coconut milk as subsititutes for butter and milk in vegan baking. You can make a killer ganache with coconut milk and semisweet chocolate and splash of coconut oil! Never thought to use it on my skin, although I have used olive oil b/c although it turns solid when cold, skin is warm enough to keep it liquid so it won't clog pores so I imagine coconut oil is the same way....plus it smells better! P.S. You have my dream thighs. :)

  2. LOL I was thinking the same thing with the cook/hook name.

  3. hahaha, V you are adorable! I will have to try that ganache idea. I love coconut oil and coconut milk too. I make a killer brownie/blondie with them too


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